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Misconduct Complaint Filed Against Franklin County Judge for OVI

Judge slamming down the gavel on his desk as he bring order to the court.

A misconduct complaint by the Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court was filed August 1st against Franklin County judge Monica Hawkins. The complaint is in relation to Judge Hawkins pleading guilty to operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (OVI) this February. Judge Hawkins was arrested on January 31st after…
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Reported Accuracy of the Breath Test

Police are checking the driver if he's under the influence while driving to charge with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) if proven guilty.

Field sobriety tests are usually the first things that are asked for after being stopped by an officer for a possible DUI in Ohio. Failure of these tests can lead to you being asked to take a breathalyzer or blood test to determine your Blood Alcohol Concentration. Even if you refuse to take those tests,…
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Would You Dare Break DUI Laws in Columbus?

You’re on your way home, driving your new car, when a police officer asks you to stop. They ask you some questions and after a while, the officer informs you that you’re charged with DUI. What! You’re about to lose control. You have no idea what will happen to you. You just want to go…
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General Facts You Should Know About DUI

1. It’s a serious offense If you live in Columbus or any other part of the country, you should be aware that the DUI laws in your area are comprehensive and involve penalties that you might find very distressing. You may end up spending years in jail, you can be restricted to drive in particular…
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