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In the early 1800s, there was only one business in the area that would soon be called Reynoldsburg. During that time, James C. Reynolds owned a general store and post office to serve the area. When the National Road was built through the town, the village began to develop quickly into the small suburb that is now Columbus.

While Reynoldsburg is a small town, it does offer a professional and commercial district. That means you can find a lawyer, doctor, or any service that you may need right in town. If you are arrested for a DUI, then you can also find a Reynoldsburg DUI attorney.

The majority of the town is historic, and you can enjoy a step into the past by visiting such locations as the Livingston House. Parklands are also important in Reynoldsburg. Options like the Sharon Woods Metro Park, the Blacklick Woods Park, and the Walter A. Tucker Nature Preserve are all close by. You will be able to enjoy walking and hiking paths, picnic areas, camping spots, and more.

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Another area attraction is the Turnberry Golf Course. This public course is available to anyone in the area who wants to spend the day on the links. The course also offers a pro shop and a clubhouse on site.

Living in Reynoldsburg means enjoying a quiet and comfortable way of life. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about laws. If you are stopped and caught drinking and driving, then you will face prosecution and the punishment could include jail time and fines. You certainly don’t want a mistake to affect your future, so you will need a Reynoldsburg DUI lawyer. If you choose the right legal representation, you can expect a better outcome from your case. Don’t try to represent yourself.

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