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Our attorney Brian Joslyn and his team know the shock of an arrest for a DUI /OVI can be devastating to you and your family, especially if it’s a first time offense. You face consequences that could impact every aspect of your life well into the future, including possible jail time, substantial financial penalties, court costs, DMV expenses, loss of your driver’s license, an increase in your insurance and even possible employment consequences. Mr. Joslyn and our DUI defense team understand that facing a DUI/OVI arrest can be overwhelming and that the consequences can be significant. This is why we work so aggressively to help you get your life back to normal as soon a possible. Our goal is to minimize the impact that a DUI/OVI charge has on your life and to work for a dismissal of the charge.
Brian Joslyn.
Brian Joslyn was born and raised in Rochester, New York, and moved to Cleveland, Ohio during his high school years. After graduating high school, Brian attended Franklin University to pursue his interest in Business Administration. Throughout his college experience, Brian worked at a law office. Brian graduated with three degrees in business administration, finance and marketing.
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Ryan Shafer
Ryan Shafer spent more than five years in the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office, defending the accused against misdemeanor and felony charges. He brings both that experience and that passion to his work for Joslyn Law Firm.
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Tabor Tamas
Tabor Tamas’ career has been characterized by vigorous advocacy and a passion for criminal law. He understands that like every individual, each case is unique, and he is committed to demystifying the process of fashioning a viable legal defense. He does so by listening to his clients, taking a keen interest in their needs, and counseling them at every stage of the process. He couples this humanistic approach with razor-sharp sensibility and extensive knowledge of his craft.Read more about Tabor Tamas.

Angie Joslyn
Angie Joslyn is the quintessential go-to person regarding every aspect of the firm’s daily operations. She graduated with a Business Administration and Management Degree at San Diego State University. In 2011, she commenced working with her husband, Brian Joslyn, closely collaborating with him to establish a thriving Columbus, Ohio Family Law practice.
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Luke Perkins represents clients in both family law and criminal defense matters. Luke understands these two areas involve one’s most important rights and liberties, and is committed to providing zealous advocacy and passionate, knowledgeable representation for his clients.
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Experienced DUI Lawyer in Columbus

Being charged with a DUI/OVI does not necessarily mean that you will lose your license or that you will be convicted in a court of law. If you have been arrested for a DUI/OVI or any other crime, you have right to fight the charges and the loss of your driver’s license. Even if this is a second or third arrest, you still have the opportunity to challenge the charges and suspension of your license. You NEED an experienced DUI/OVI attorney on your side to help you mitigate the consequences of a DUI/OVI charge. Our Columbus DUI Law firm is known for combining in-depth knowledge, experience, and aggressive tactics to help defend you from a DUI /OVI conviction. The knowledge we have attained in Ohio DUI /OVI cases illustrates our deep understanding of the Ohio court system and DUI/OVI law. Our success rate is directly linked to this knowledge. Brian Joslyn and our other Columbus DUI lawyers will work diligently to help you avoid loss of your license and minimize penalties. Most importantly, our Columbus DUI attorney focuses on making the process smooth and streamlined to help get your life back to normal. Free Consultation If you have been arrested for a DUI, you may have a lot of questions, such as: How much will this cost me? Will I lose my license? How will this DUI affect my life? Will I have to serve jail time? These are normal, yet important questions and the attorneys at Columbus DUI Lawyer are eager to help answer these questions and address the confusion you’re going through. We offer a free consultation with our Columbus DUI lawyer to answer your questions and discuss your case. Please call (614) 300 - 3025 to speak with a Columbus DUI Attorney to discuss the details of your DUI /OVI case and to learn how we can help you. Feel free to visit our Columbus DUI Blog for more information. At the consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss the facts of your case, the applicable laws, possible penalties and potential defenses. At the time of your consultation, you should bring your ticket, proof of insurance and any other paperwork that you received from the police officer or the court. A DUI/OVI is a serious charge with serious consequences. It is crucial that you understand your rights and understand how a conviction can affect your life. With the help of an experienced Columbus DUI Lawyer you may be able to avoid a conviction and prevent suspension of your driver’s license. If you have been arrested for a DUI/OVI in Ohio, it is important that you act promptly to preserve your rights. Your arraignment/initial appearance will be held within 5 days of your arrest and an appeal of your Administrative License Suspension must be filed within 30 days of that date. Likewise, certain defenses must be raised in a timely manner or you will lose your right to raise them. Contact Columbus DUI Lawyer well versed in Ohio law to find out how we can help you with your Columbus DUI/OVI case. Practice Areas The attorneys of Columbus DUI Lawyer have significant experience representing defendants in the courtroom. We are dedicated to our clients and pride ourselves on our ability to use our experience and knowledge to protect our client’s rights. In addition to representing individuals charged with DUI/OVI, our practice areas include criminal defense and Probation Violation defense. The attorneys at Columbus DUI Lawyer have practiced in Columbus for several years and offer representation to defendants in Franklin County and surrounding counties, including Delaware County, Union County, Madison County, Pickaway County, Fairfield County, and Licking County.
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