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A small town in Franklin County, Groveport is known for a history with horses. In the 1800s, a man named John Solomon Rarey lived in the town and developed a rehabilitation technique that continues to be in use today. While this is the main claim to fame of Groveport, there is more to this town. The village is close to the Rickenbacker International Airport, the Air National Guard Base, and the city of Columbus. This provides the vast majority of work opportunities for residents of Groveport.

There are also several industries headquartered in Groveport, including VistaPrint, American Electric, Spiegel, and Eddie Bauer. The town is large enough to have a small professional district as well. This means you can find a Groveport DUI attorney for DUI Columbus Ohio information and legal services.

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The town is only about eight miles from the metro area of Columbus. That means you can easily drive into the city and find shopping centers, dining establishments, a nightlife, and attractions. Columbus is home to the Columbus Zoo, several sports parks, and a number of different museums. Because there are so many options in the city, you will certainly never have a dull day, but you will always have a quiet place to escape to your home in Groveport.

No one intends to get caught with a DUI, but a simple mistake could lead to these types of charges. The most important thing to remember is that you should never try to handle a DUI case on your own. The laws in Ohio can be complicated and you need the best outcome or you could end up in jail. The best choice you could make is to hire a quality Groveport DUI lawyer to handle the proceedings. If you need an attorney, then contact us today.

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