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OVI Glossary

Do you know the difference between DUI and OVI? How could you be arrested for being in physical control when you weren’t even driving? You probably have many questions just like this when you are arrested for an OVI.

Many Ohioans who are arrested for OVI are facing criminal charges for the first time. And you probably never heard many of the terms and phrases used in an OVI case. Joslyn Law Firm created this OVI glossary as a reference guide of phrases and terms frequently used in OVI cases.

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Definitions of OVI Terms used in Ohio Courts

There are many terms used in the section of the Ohio Revised Code governing intoxicated driving. Knowing these terms and their definitions make you a better-informed citizen, especially when you are facing charges for the crime.

Listed below are some of the terms used in OVI cases:

  • Vehicle: Every device, including motorized bikes, which a person or property may be transported or drawn on a highway. This does not include motorized wheelchairs, or any device moved by the power from an overhead electric trolley or device run by human power.
  • Motor Vehicle: Any vehicle, except motorized bikes, that is propelled or drawn by power other than human power or overhead power.
  • Streetcar: A car, other than a railroad car, used for transporting people or property and is operated on rails within a street or highway.
  • Trackless Trolley: Any car collecting its power from an overhead trolley wire and is not operated upon rails or tracks.
  • Aggravating Factors: These are facts or circumstances causing increased punishments for a crime. OVI aggravated factors can include previous convictions, having a minor in the vehicle and having a high concentration of alcohol in your system.
  • Chemical Test: A breath, blood or urine test used to determine the concentration of alcohol or drugs in a driver’s system. A breath test is the most common method to test alcohol levels while urine and blood tests are used to determine levels of a controlled substance.
  • Ignition Interlock Device: This is a device installed into a vehicle that requires a driver to complete a breath test before the vehicle starts. The installation of this device is typically required for a second and subsequent OVI conviction.
  • Implied Consent: By driving on the Ohio roads, you are consenting to chemical tests by law enforcement. You have the right to refuse these test but law enforcement officers are required to read the warning for refusing to submit to a chemical test.
  • Sobriety Checkpoint: This is a roadblock set up by local police to stop random drivers and conduct a sobriety test. It is required for the public to be notified in advance of these checkpoints.

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OVI Abbreviations

There are many acronyms used in the Ohio Revised Code. Listed below are some of the most common abbreviations used in OVI cases:

  • DUI: Driving under the influence
  • OMVI: Operating a motor vehicle under the influence
  • OVI: Operating vehicle under the influence
  • BAC: Blood alcohol concentration
  • ORC: Ohio Revised Code
  • CDL: Commercial driver’s license
  • CMV: Commercial motor vehicle
  • DUS: Driving under suspension
  • DUID: Driving under the influence of drugs

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Additional Resources for OVI Glossary 

Ohio OVI Laws | Ohio Revised Code– Visit the Ohio Laws and Rules website to read the full text of the statute governing OVI. You can read the legal definition of driving under the influence, find out how the crime is penalized and find the legal limit for alcohol and controlled substances.

Definitions | Ohio Revised Code– Follow this link to read through the definitions in chapter 4511 of the ORC. You can read the precise legal definition of some of the terms mentioned in this page, as well as terms such as state highway and roadway. The definitions can be read on the Ohio Laws and Rules website.

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