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Situated on the northern side of Columbus, Upper Arlington is one of the more affluent suburbs of the metro city. This largely residential town is relatively small, but is considered one of the safer places to live. That means numerous people choose to live in Upper Arlington to raise a family if they work in Columbus. Many enjoy going into the city to enjoy shopping, dining, and the nightlife. If you do take a short drive to unwind after a hard week, be sure you aren’t arrested for DUI. If you are, then you have options for an Upper Arlington DUI lawyer even though the town is small.

Upper Arlington was originally called “Country Club District”, and that name is very descriptive of the area. You will be able to enjoy both the Scioto Golf Course and the Ohio State University Golf Course Lake. That’s not all there is to do in the town, however. There are 33 different parks and they offers picnic areas, public swimming pools, walking paths, sports fields, playgrounds, and more.

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Upper Arlington holds festivals for each season, including Summer Celebration, Fall Fest, Winter Festival and Tree Lighting, and the Spring Fling. These festivals include live music, arts and crafts, parades, rides, food, and more.

It’s easy to think that one drunk driving charge won’t do that much damage, but you need to take your situation seriously. You could be put in jail and you certainly won’t be able to enjoy the town you live in if you are behind bars. If you are arrested for a DUI, then the first thing you need to do is contact an Upper Arlington DUI lawyer. The right legal representation can ensure the best outcome from your case. When you choose us as your attorney, we will begin working for you right away.

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