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Is it Expensive to Hire a DUI Defense Counsel?

If you’re charged with the serious offense of DUI in Columbus, you will want to speak with a Columbus DUI lawyer. But before you do that, you really should know how much they will charge you. There are people accused of drunk-driving who end up in debt because they didn’t get legal assistance. Some think…
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DUI: Sobriety Tests in Columbus Ohio

There are many ways to determine whether somebody has violated DUI laws. For DUI crimes in Columbus, law enforcement officers make use of different types of instruments to prosecute driver operators who are said to be intoxicated when driving. One of the most widely known soberness tests used by the authorities, not just in Columbus,…
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How Do Police Officers in Columbus Know that a Driver is Violating DUI Laws?

There are plenty of ways on how to ascertain whether an individual is inebriated. For DUI offenses in Columbus, police make use of resources to prosecute people who are deemed inebriated behind the wheel. One of the most commonly known sobriety tests used by the local authorities or council, not just in Columbus, but also…
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How much would it Cost to Hire a DUI lawyer in Columbus?

Hiring an attorney at law can be very expensive, but then it’s the only way you can avoid incurring more costs if you are convicted. If you’re accused with a serious offense of DUI in Columbus, the most advantageous remedy would be to hire attorney at law. But before you do that, you really should…
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Undesirable Things that may happen to DUI Offenders

You’re on your way home, driving your new car, when a policeman asks you to stop. They ask you some questions and after a while the officer informs you that you’re being charged with DUI. What! You’re about to lose control. You have no idea what you will encounter. Really, you just want to go…
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