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Is it Expensive to Hire a DUI Defense Counsel?

If you’re charged with the serious offense of DUI in Columbus, you will want to speak with a Columbus DUI lawyer. But before you do that, you really should know how much they will charge you.

There are people accused of drunk-driving who end up in debt because they didn’t get legal assistance. Some think getting a lawyer is more expensive but what they don’t realize is that it can be more expensive when they happen to be incremented for the offense. Alongside the criminal aspects of the offense, the person convicted of DUI may also be held liable for civil damages.

In any DUI client-lawyer relationship, the financial aspects should be dealt with as early as possible so the client is not be shocked by the price of the legal services received. During the initial consultation, the client must be prepared ask about these issues as the law practice will often not mention these until they’ve been asked. It is very all important to clear up the costs and payments. In these extremely tough times, you need to deal with financial matters seriously.

On a tiered flat fee, the practitioner’s fee is subdivided according to the specified terms. For instance, the law practice fee is $ 3,000 for the arraignment until the pre-trial. Once the pre-trial is finished and you move on to the next stage, you would need to pay again according to the rates offered by the attorney. So for the investigation and the subsequent hearings, you may have to pay again.

There are DUI law firms in Columbus who charge their clients on a flat-based fee and there are legal professionals who consign on a tiered flat fee basis. When granted with a flat-fee charge, ask if that includes the tel-faxing of documents, phone bill and the like. There are attorneys who will basically charge the client a flat fee but this is just for the services alone and sometimes, you may need to pay for the out-of-pocket expenses.

Other law firms charge their clients in an hourly basis. So that means if the hourly charge per unit of the legal representative is 150 and it took him her 10 hours that will help you, then you will pay back $ 1,500. For much more serious lawsuits of DUI, consider that the duration is lengthy and the rates are higher. If you desire this kind of payment, see to it you’re hiring a very good lawyers. Make a firm decision on the one who’s professional and has a very good history of winning lawsuits. Hourly legal services are very costly. Legal services are pricey but then, it’s the only way that you can escape more liability if ever you are convicted.

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