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How a Probation Violation Can Effect Your Life

Probation, also known as a community control sanction, is a criminal sanction where an individual is subject to community supervision in lieu of a prison sentence. Ohio has very strict laws a criminal defendant must follow when he or she is serving probation and probation regulations must be strictly adhered to. A Columbus probation violation attorney can advise you of the specifics regarding your individual circumstances. A violation of probation can cause the probation to be revoked and may even result in jail time. Once this occurs, it becomes very difficult to get back your probation and freedom. Potential penalties of probation violation can include public service, extra fines, revocation of probation, jail time, community service.

Common Probation Violations may include:

• The non payment of court-ordered restitution/victim compensation

• Failing to attend courses that have been ordered by the judge

• Missing a court date

• An arrest

• Driving with alcohol in your blood stream

• Possessing illegal substances such as illegal drugs, weapons or even legal drugs without a prescription

• Leaving the state without permission of the court/probation officer

• Failure to maintain contact with your probation officer

• Failing an alcohol or drug test

• Failing to show up for an alcohol or drug test

• Failing to register as a sex offender (when applicable)

• Failing to report a change of address or employment status

Penalties for Probation Violation may include:

• Extended period of Probation

• Additional Restrictions on Probation

• Revocation of Probation or Jail time up to the maximum permitted for the original offense

If you have been arrested for a probation violation, you are entitled to a hearing before a judge. Our attorneys offer zealous representation to help mitigate the consequences of a probation violation.

Likewise, if your alleged probation violation is based on an arrest, you may require criminal defense against the new charges. Columbus Ohio DUI attorney will provide you aggressive representation and work to minimize additional penalties resulting from the new offense and to minimize the effect of the arrest on your probation.

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