Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of our clients and their matters is of utmost importance to my business and myself. With only a few exceptions, everything you discuss with an Attorney is completely confidential. The information you relay to me regarding a DUI arrest cannot be disclosed to any other person without your written consent. We don’t divulge any information unless you provide us with written consent form. Your DUI case is fully protected by our client confidentiality.

We understand the seriousness of being arrested and charged with a DUI, however, it’s best if you be completely honest with us about your case. There’s nothing you have done that will surprise our experienced DUI attorneys. Honesty with us will increase a positive outcome with your case. All the information we collect is only be used to respond to you regarding the reason you contacted us and unless you request us not to, we may respond to your email or contact you through email in the future to tell you about items that may interest or pertain to you or your case. You can elect to delete this information from our database if you choose. Go back here to contact one of our Columbus DUI Attorneys.