What Options Do I have?

If you’re arrested for a Columbus OVI then you should request the judge to give you time to find an attorney. An experienced OVI attorney can help you find the best option suitable to your case. In a typical OVI case your options include plea bargain negotiation, pursuit of case dismissal, and taking the case to court.

Plea Bargain Negotiation
You plead guilty and try to work out a plea bargain with the office of District Attorney. If this is your first offense then you may ask for a suspended sentence.

Taking Case to Court
You should only select this option if you’re sure that you have strong defense. Under this option, you plead “not guilty” and take your chances by going to trial.

Driver Intervention Program
First time offenders convicted of OVI may be able to get enrolled in a 3-day driver’s intervention program, and a mandatory 3-day incarceration in Jail.