Is it possible to win Columbus Administrative License Hearing (ALS) hearings?

With experienced DUI legal representation and the right evidence, it is possible that you may win an ALS hearing. Our attorneys have an extensive experience in these regards.

In Columbus, and ALS can only be administered if:
1. The Officer has “reasonable cause” to believe that the driver of the vehicle is impaired.
2. The driver of the vehicle refuses a chemical BAC test.
3. The driver gives a BAC test and his BAC is found to be above the legal limit (0.08).

An experienced DUI attorney can study your case and test reports to see if all of the above conditions were met or not. Any lapses found in procedure can be used to build a strong defense of your case.

You must request the hearing within thirty days after your arrest. You won’t be allowed to contest the suspension after thirty days. You should consult our attorneys in a free consultation session and discuss your options with them. They are experienced in the field and will help you find the best option available to you.