Is it Possible to win a Columbus OVI Case?

Yes – we have helped many of our clients fight and win Columbus OVI cases. By building a strong defense, it is not only possible to get the punishment reduced, but in some cases the charges may get dropped entirely. It all depends upon who is representing you, and the details of your case. Having a skilled Columbus OVI attorney can significantly increase your odds of winning an OVI case.

We systematically review all reports filed by the police to find any anomalies in procedure. Moreover, we also ask for complete disclosure regarding the device used to conduct the BAC tests, the personnel responsible for conducting the test and maintaining the device, and also the lab certification.

Any error found in the police documentation or testing procedure may be used by our attorneys to build a strong defense for our clients.

As Ohio OVI laws are strict but are updated regularly, it is not uncommon for even the most experienced police officers to make mistakes while filing reports. Such errors in important documentation can be used to fight and beat OVI charges. You can schedule a free consultation with our attorneys; we will review your case and will help you in finding the best solution possible.