How much will all this cost?

Being caught up in an OVI charge can be very expensive. Even if you are a first time offender, your costs once added up may exceed even $15,000 in court fees, fines and bails, alcohol treatment programs, increased insurance premiums, and lost work wages. Many of these costs will still be applicable even if you aren’t convicted. If you are convicted, the costs can continue for several years into the future.

While the actual amounts may vary according to situation, some common costs associated with an OVI defense case are:
– Monitory fines
– Mandatory treatment programs
– Court costs
– Attorney fees
– Costs associated with incarceration and bail
– Lost wages due to court appearance
– Lost employment opportunities
– Costs of periodic chemical testing and blood tests
– Costs of Alcohol treatment programs
– Costs of traveling to and from court
– Car impoundment costs
– House arrest costs
– Car towing and storage costs
– Driver Intervention Programs (OVI school)

You can reduce these costs significantly, and in some cases you may be able to get them dismissed entirely by fighting the charges against you in court.